Training Protocol


Water (hydration), Calories (fuel) from CARBO-PRO, Electrolytes (sodium) METASALT, Ergogenic Aid (for energy and recovery) VO2MAX Endurance

Athletes using CARBOPRO products have successfully competed in the Olympics and other world class events. Our products do not contain any substance banned or declared illegal by IOC, USOC, or any other Athletic or Medical Committee or Federation. Also, our products do not contain any ingredients processed from the glands or blood-plasma of bovine or any other animals. CARBOPRO products do not contain any ingredient, which may show any side effects or will appear positive for illegal or banned drugs in any blood or urine test.

Each nutrient in each product has impressive qualities. However, when put together, in precise amounts based on their Optimal Clinical Nutritional Value, single nutrients and compounds exponentially enhance each other's benefits. Nutrients interact and act simultaneously through multiple biological pathways and cellular mechanisms, and in the process each product becomes truly greater than the sum of its parts. Also, products in the line complement each other to increase energy, recovery, strength, power and endurance. Each product is "BEST" in category.

There are products in the market which contain one or two ingredients at most, and yet make tall claims to provide energy, endurance, recovery, buffer lactic acid, and provide anti-oxidants, etc., and much more. However, in contrast, you will see the choice of variety, quantity, and quality of ingredients, and above all the best value in each CARBOPRO product. METASALT (best Salt capsule); INTERPHASE(best protein powder); MOTIVATOR(best mental energy capsule); RECOVERY Amino Power (best recovery product); VO2Max ENDURANCE(best ergogenic aid/lactic acid buffering, metabolic cleanser).

WATER: at least 20 oz. / 600 mL – adjust according to weather and solids consumed.
CALORIES: at least 2 calories per pound of body weight. Use water-soluble complex carbs and eat solids only if necessary. Use CARBO-PRO.
SODIUM: at least 300 mg, and up to 1,500 mg (1.5 grams) of sodium if the conditions are hot and humid. Use METASALT
(stay away from FIZZ tablets and sodium bicarbonates).

With the right combination of our products and optimal amount of water, you can reach peak levels of performance to enjoy any endurance activity under the sun.

WATER, calories (fuel) and electrolytes (primarily sodium) are extremely important for endurance events. Drink the amount of water you habitually drink during training (16 oz. to 32 oz. per hour). You need more water if it is hot and humid and much more if you are consuming solid foods (bars, blocs, jellybeans, etc.). Always try to maintain both intra-cellular and extra-cellular hydration. Optimal hydration helps in maintaining a hypotonic solution in the guts. Dehydration followed by muscle cramps and heat fatigue is caused by the accumulation of a solution of simple sugars, a hypertonic solution, in the guts. A hypertonic solution is created by too much fructose, and sucrose (dehydrated cane sugar), in sports drinks. These drinks may work for activities of shorter durations but may not work as well for long distance events.

Getting the required number of CALORIES PER HOUR is extremely important. Each hour, on an average, during swim, bike, or run, you expend at least 5 calories per pound of body weight. However, you cannot handle/digest more than 2.0 calories per pound of body weight, per hour. It becomes more difficult you must do it continuously, hour after hour, for several hours. Therefore a 150 lb. athlete can optimally handle about 300 calories per hour. These calories should come from an easily digestible source such as complex carbs. Solid foods are not only difficult to digest, but also demand that extra amount of precious moisture. Appropriate amount of CARBO-PRO (One scoop = One ounce = 100 calories) mixed in the required amount of water is a perfect source of calories, it is easy to carry, digest and assimilate.

CARBO-PRO is neutral – has no flavor. Therefore, for flavor, if you are mixing CARBO-PRO in any other sports drink – calculate the total calories you are getting from the mix. The total should be around 300 calories per hour, if you can handle more than this during training then do so – if not be very careful – what you are getting from the other sports drink could be too sweet – too much simple sugar – and more calories than you can handle for several hours, continuously – also you have to look at the amount of sodium you are getting from the other drink; is it enough. Please investigate it.

ELECTROLYTE replacement, particularly Sodium replacement is a must during long training or racing. Therefore, the sodium in most sports drinks. Sweat contains between 2.25 to 3.5 grams of salt per liter. And under hot conditions you can easily sweat ONE liter per hour. So, for example, during a 5 hour race you could possibly lose approximately 11 to 17.5 grams of salt. So replacing water without the appropriate amount of salt can result in sodium imbalance, causing cramps, heat fatigue and in worst cases can lead to hyponatremia. 

Unfortunately, almost all leading sports drinks also contain the harmful simple sugars which are used to disguise the salty taste. For instance, a leading sports drink contains 140 mg of sodium per 8 fl. oz. serving. Say you need 600 mg of sodium per hour, then you must consume 44 fl. oz. of that product which will also provide 76 oz. of sugar, which as we have seen will definitely cause the build-up of a hypertonic solution in the guts. 

Therefore, the need to manage sodium intake. Optimum intake of sodium can vary from 300 mg per hour to 1 gram per hour, or even more in some cases, based on sweat production and sweat sodium concentration. Two capsules of META SALT contain 330 mg of SODIUM, {from 750 mg of salt (NaCl), and 80mg of Tri Sodium Phosphate, and Sodium R-Lipoate}, along with the other three macro-minerals (K, Mg, &Ca) Calcium and Potassium are in patented chelated form from Albion Minerals, and Magnesium as patented Creatine Magnapower.


It makes it easier to control sodium intake without the excess sugar provided by sports drinks and gels. Na, K, Mg, & Ca, complement each other for regular heart rhythm, transmission of nerve impulses, energy production and muscular contraction. METASALT is more than just a salt capsule – it’s an advanced ELECTROLYTE complex in a capsule, plus it also provides Selenium and Zinc, two very potent and effective antioxidants. 

BEWARE OF FIZZ! The body sweats to control your core temperature. You lose a liter of sweat and 1- 2 grams of salt each hour of an endurance event. METASALT has been specifically formulated to maintain optimal sodium intake required for proper muscle function and adequate hydration. Therefore, METASALT has been specifically formulated for use in endurance events, and therefore does not contain any Carbonates of Sodium or Carbonates of other electrolytes. Excessive and continuous use of Carbonates, especially during intense activity, may cause a range of gastrointestinal ailments, and may lead to other metabolic imbalances. CARBONATES are good only in ANTACID tablets, not in an endurance athlete's drink. 

META SALT is safe and gentle on the stomach as it also contains standardized extracts of DGL Licorice, Peppermint and Ginger, which together help in toning and conditioning the GI. 

The combination of CARBO-PRO and METASALT will help maintain a hypotonic solution during training and racing and also help with sustained energy, day to day recovery and endurance. In HOT CONDITIONS – you may take as much as FOUR to SIX capsules per hour of training or racing, and it can only help! 

CARBO-PRO does not have any electrolytes in it. It is just pure calories. Therefore, you must consume METASALT for electrolytes. If it’s hot and you are sweating a lot, then you need to consume the required amount of METASALT to offset the sodium imbalance which may occur. 

With VO2MAX Endurance (beat the burn and keep the legs strong) better than any product in its category and RECOVERY Amino Power (RAP) (day to day recovery), along with CARBO-PRO and METASALT will complement each other and help with increased endurance and also enhance the day to day recovery process, which is crucial for any distance competition. 


MOTIVATOR will help in keeping the mental energy and muscular coordination at higher levels during long distance training and racing. But first let us figure out your daily carbs and protein requirement. 

A 150 lb athlete can carry an optimal load of about 450 grams of muscle glycogen (carried in the muscles); and about 120 grams of liver glycogen (carried in the liver). Liver glycogen is reserve fuel, used only if nothing else is available. Muscle glycogen is ready fuel and 450 grams, @ 4calories per gram, will provide a total of 2,200 calories, which will last for about 2 to 3 hours max, before the muscle glycogen tank goes totally empty. When this happens, your body may dip into your body fat storage, or worse start burning your muscle mass for energy. COMPLEX CARBS (CARBO-PRO) are the most efficient fuel source. When your muscle is fully loaded with glycogen (derived from carbs consumed in regular food and CARBO-PRO) you are good to go for 2 to 3 hours. However, in long-distance events you have to continuously consume your calories as suggested above. DO NOT LET YOUR MUSCLE GLYCOGEN TANK GO EMPTY! Training on empty is detrimental to both psychological and physiological well-being. 


For your training regimen, and body weight 150 lb = 68 kgs) on an average you need approximately 1.25 to 1.5 grams of Protein per kilo of body weight, per day of training; at least about 85 to100 grams of protein per day. You should get this amount of Protein in several sittings, at the rate 35 grams per sitting. It's a more effective way of handling protein consumption and maintaining nitrogen balance. Use INTERPHASE Repair, Rebuild, Recover Matrix (RRR) to get at least 35 grams of high-quality protein, at least once a day. 

for immediate and sustained energy
Complex carbohydrate - PERFECT FUEL - replenishes muscle glycogen. Use before, during, and after training for energy, endurance and recovery. Also perfect for Carbo-loading. 

1 heaping Scoop (One ounce or 28 grams) of CARBO-PRO= 100 calories
PER HOUR: About 2 to 3 scoops (200 to 300 calories) of CARBO-PRO mixed in cold fluid


    TOTAL DOSAGE = Number of SCOOPS you need per day (based on total hours of training).

    CONCENTRATION OF SOLUTION: You may mix up to 2 to 3 scoops (2 oz. to 3 oz.) of CARBO-PRO in 12 – 16 oz. of cold fluid (water, juice, milk, etc.) and drink before and after a training session to maintain optimal muscle glycogen levels.
  2. DURING WORKOUT METHOD: Based on your calculations of TOTAL DOSAGE – mix ONE SCOOP in 10-12 oz of fluid (around 10% solution) in several bottles. CONCENTRATED FORM: Or, based on TOTAL DOSAGE, mix a concentrated solution up to TEN (10) scoops = 10 oz. of CARBO-PRO in 20 oz. of water to get the required calories per hour. Carry enough water to get your required amount of water per hour – which is at least 20 oz. per hour – may be more depending on your physiology and the current weather conditions.

After the exercise activity mix the remaining portion of TOTAL DOSAGE of CARBO-PRO in 10 –12 oz. of water or juice and drink it within the first hour of completing the training session to enable quick recovery. 

CARBO-LOADING with CARBO-PRO: Carbs are also a great source of water. Therefore to maintain hydration - load carbs in the four days before competition. After digestion, carbs are converted to glycogen, and stored in your muscles and liver for use as fuel. But in order to store each gram of glycogen, the body also has to store 2.7 grams of water. Its simply great for endurance athletes. Carbo-loading can double your glycogen store. In a 150 lb athlete, total stored glycogen increases from about 400 grams to about 800 grams. The extra glycogen pulls in 400 x 2.7 grams of extra water (36 oz), more than two pints. Then the metabolism of glycogen during activity forms another 0.6 grams of water per gram of glycogen used for energy. So using the extra 400 grams you have loaded, yields a further 10 oz of water. That yields a total of 46 oz of extra water, making carbo-loading as important to fluid status as it is to glycogen status. Start carbo-loading in the four days before competition: Each day use Two scoops (2 oz) in 12-16 oz. of water in the morning and two scoops in the evening. PRACTICE THIS DURING TRAINING FOR EXPERIENCE! 

Roch Frey and Paul Huddle of in 1998, came up with a great method to address the problem of calories as well as maintain hydration. The method is to mix the calculated amount of CARBO-PRO (@250 calories per hour) in water in a bottle or two to make a thick gel - powerful FUEL. Remember this is only FUEL, you have to drink enough water after each gulp of the GEL to keep hydrated. Therefore drink enough water after each gulp of the mix. DRINK AT LEAST 10 OZ OF WATER FOR EACH OZ OF CARBO-PRO IN THE MIX.


METASALT for heat fatigue and muscle cramps
2 capsules of METASALT provide 330 mg of Sodium (750 mg of Salt - Sodium Chloride + 80mg of Trisodium Phosphate + Sodium R-Lipoate), balanced with Potassium, and Calcium as chelated TRAACs© Minerals, and Magnesium as Creatine MagnaPower© from Albion Labs. It’s designed to prevent HYPONATREMIA, minimize muscle cramps or heat prostration due to excessive perspiration. Sodium imbalance usually occurs during long or ultra-distance events in the heat but may also be seen in events as short as 3 to 4 hours. Sodium imbalance may either occur due to excessive water intake, or due to excessive sweat production and sweat sodium concentration. 

Suggested Use: During training take 2 capsules per hour with 8 to 10 oz of water. In extreme conditions take 4 to 6 capsules per hour with appropriate amount of water. 

VO2 Max Endurance: to BEAT the BURN, for Power, Strength and Endurance
CS2Cordyceps, Rhodiola, vitamins, minerals, phosphates, electrolytes, and amino acid complex. Enhances cellular metabolism, optimizes the ATP/CP, Lactic, and Oxidative Systems (over 12% increase in oxygen availability), BEATS THE BURN reduces ammonia burden, and cleanses metabolic wastes to continue exercise activity, to increase endurance and help with quick recovery. 

  1. For hard/fast/tempo workouts at high intensity at or above Heart Rate Zone 4, take 5 capsules at least 30 minutes before activity
  2. For endurance or recovery training take 5 capsules at least 30 minutes before activity. THIS WILL HELP CLEANSE DAY TO DAY AMMONIA BUILD UP, AND OTHER METABOLIC WASTES - HELPING RECOVERY.


RECOVERY Amino Power (RAP)(Amino Acids are building blocks of Protein)
Full Spectrum Essential Amino Acid Complex with BCAAs, Glutamine-AKG, Arginine AKG; Arginine-Ketoisocaproate& OKG Pharmaceutical grade Amino-Acid complex - with essential, non-essential and branched chain amino acids which maintain nitrogen balance and enhance the body's natural recovery process. Prevents lean muscle breakdown, maintains an anabolic condition during exercise and accelerates post exercise recovery. Increases stamina and power, reduces ammonia build-up and delays physical and mental fatigue. 

On workout days take 12 (TWELVE) capsules per day split into (4:4:4) dosage: 4 capsules before workout; 4 capsules after workout; 4 capsules immediately before going to bed at night. A perfect combination of anabolic and anti-catabolic nutrients to enhance the process of day to day recovery and maintain and increase muscle growth. 

INTERPHASE Repair, Rebuild, Recover Matrix
Protein Powder for Recovery and Muscle Maintenance
A bio-engineered strategic sport food, clinically designed to meet the highest metabolic demands of endurance athletes, can be used anytime: before, during and immediately following periods of extreme physical stress. Each 50 gram serving of RRR provides 34 grams of a powerful and potent combination of un-denatured proteins in their native form:

55% Ion-exchange crossflow membrane un-denatured, instantized whey protein isolate for FAST-RELEASE
21% Ultra-filtered, un-denatured, instantized, free-flowing micellar casein for SLOW-RELEASE
21% Ultra-filtered un-denatured, instantized milk protein isolate for MEDIUM-RELEASE
3% Peptides of BCAA and Glutamine. (Providing a TOTAL of more than 4g of Leucine and 5g of Glutamine per serving). 


INTERPHASE Hypertrophy Matrix can be used as a powerized "energy" shake before exercise, or as a "recov6ery", or "maintenance" shake after exercise. MIXES EASILY ... ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS: Add TWO (2) scoops (inside container) 50 grams of INTERPHASE into a large glass. Add 8 to 10 floz of very cold water, skim or low-fat milk. Stir well and enjoy. For a thicker and more nutritious shake, in a blender, add INTERPHASE, mix water or milk, add fruit (banana, berries, apple, etc.), add some ice, and mix in blender for 30 seconds. 

MOTIVATOR: Mental Energy Formula
Motivator is a new energy formula with CAFFEINE from Guarana seed extract and is better than MONSTER, COKE, or REDBULL during a Race. It can enhance mental and physical performance. It contains a scientific blend of energizing herbs plus neurotransmitter precursors. It can be used to "perk up" before exercise, or "fire up" during exercise, or take it as a pick me up" anytime for an increased sense of alertness. 

It combines the power of patented, registered and certified extracts (granted full GRAS status by FDA) of GREEN TEA LEAVES (Sunphenon® CF-T) and CHOCOLATE (Chocamine®). Together they naturally provide caffeine, and an array of amazing benefits due to their unique ingredient profiles as they are rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, catechins, EGCG, xanthines, anandamides, amino acids, and other trace nutrients.

Reinforced with pharmaceutical grade L-Tyrosine and L-Taurine, it may be a natural way to energize the body and mind, support cognitive and physical performance, increase fat metabolism, and promote health and well-being.*

Take TWO capsules of MOTIVATOR before a training session. 
CARBO PRO products have been designed to provide almost everything the athlete needs as fuel and building materials. Our safe and efficacious products provide a perfect balance of highly effective bio-active pharmaceutical grade ingredients, each ingredient at its Optimal Clinical Nutrition Value, in an efficient delivery system. Supplements work synergistically to complement each other increasing energy, endurance and recovery, in order to maintain optimum performance during training and competition.