HYDRA C5 Lemonade (1.0 Lb. / 455 g POUCH)

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I recently tried Hydra C5 for the first time at the Kodiak 100 Ultra Run, and was really impressed.

The lemonade flavor was light and tangy, not sweet or overpowering, and I found it to be very refreshing in some serious heat. The powder mixes perfectly, with no lumps, and does not have the usual fluorescent colors you see in many "sports" drinks. Most importantly, the nutrients are optimally balanced so that you get a consistent energy release with no noticeable GI issues. I felt like I could drink more than I am usually able to while running in heat, meaning more calories, and a stronger, faster finish.

This is a well executed product, and one that I will definitely be using to help fuel my training and racing in future.
Date Added: 09/27/2015 by Rachel Ragona