Performance Protocol for Energy, Endurance & Recovery
How to use Carbo-Pro (3 lb / 1360 g tub)(2 lb bag)(50 g packet)
CARBO-PRO Pure Energy Source for Endurance - GMO Free "ENERGIZE"

CARBO-PRO is water soluble 100% pure complex carbs, neutral (non-sweet) flavor; dissolves quickly; pure calories, easy to carry, it is digested and absorbed easily (1 scoop of CARBO-PRO = 25 grams = 100 calories). You need at least 200 calories per hour = 2 scoops mixed in 12 to 16 oz of water.

FACT: Glucose is the brain’s primary fuel; yourbrain depends on a constant supply of glucose. Your brain gets 25% of your glucose utilization. Your brain is always at work, and is pushed to its extreme when you train and race hard. So feed your brain and your brawn.

USAGE: For 2 hours of activity you need atleast 400 calories (4 scoops of CARBO-PRO). Keep sipping it during; OR divide in 2 portions and consume BEFORE (2 scoops) and AFTER (2 scoops). You can take up to 300 calories per hour of training. CARBO-PRO can be consumed anytime, in water, juice, even your breakfast cereal or in your post-activity RECOVERY shake to re-fill your MUSCLE GLYCOGEN TANK.

CARBO LOADING with CARBO-PRO: Load carbs in the 4 days before competition and increase your muscle glycogen store and water store to maintain hydration. Take 2 SCOOPS first thing in the morning in 10-12 oz of water, and 2 SCOOPS in the evening or immediately before bed at night. TRY CARBO LOADING DURING TRAINING –BEFORE YOU LOAD FOR THE RACE.

CONCENTRATED GEL FORM: You can carry up to 1,500 calories mixed in water in ONE or TWO bottles, and sip it and wash it down with the required amount of water. The osmolality of CARBO-PRO even at 15% concentration is lower than body fluid osmolality - and it makes it relatively easier to be absorbed. With each gulp of the CARBO-PRO GEL - drink a few oz of water. Try it before the RACE.

TIP: Do not train on an empty stomach. Just add2 scoops of CARBO-PRO or HYDRA C5 in a glass of water or juice and drink it before you go out for a RUN, BIKE or SWIM.

Maintain Peak Performance.

Maximum performance from start to the finish line.

Premium fuel for before, during and after any workout. Carbo-Pro is pure complex carbs that provide safe, clean and efficient calories designed to give you immediate and sustained energy throughout whatever you run, swim, climb, life or push through.
Individual 50g packets are perfect for getting your complex carbs and clean, efficient calories on-the-go.

GMO free, Gluten free, contains NO preservatives, color, dairy, soy, sweeteners or yeast.
When we say clean, we mean it.

Perfect any time, anywhere, for any sport.

Carbo-Pro Packets
Carbo-Pro Packets
(1 lb / 455 g) How to use Motivator (60 capsules)
MOTIVATOR Mental Energy Endurance Formula with extracts of Green Tea & Chocolate

Formulated with two of nature’s most trusted ingredients Green Tea and Chocolate, and L-Taurine and L-Tyrosine. Perfect for training and racing.

FACT: MOTIVATOR increases blood flow to thebrain and increases mental power by enabling a glucose-rich and oxygen-rich brain environment; thereby increasing MOTIVATION, enhancing muscular coordination; and cognitive and physical performance.

USAGE: 50 mg of caffeine per capsule, isreleased slowly – over as much as 2 hours. Its a natural way to energize the body and mind, support cognitive and physical performance, increase fat metabolism. Take TWO (2) capsules for 4 hours of training or racing.

TIP: MOTIVATOR has been successfully used bytriathletes, ultra-runners, and adventure racers. It can also be used for any prolonged activity for sustained mental energy and focus. A large part of training is MENTAL, and it is about Brain energy and Motivation.

How to use Metasalt (100 capsules)
METASALT Salt Capsules with Electrolytes / Vitamin D3 TURMERIC, & GINGER "Hydrate and Cool the Core"

METASALT provides sodium and key electrolytes. It has a potent sodium complex and Potassium, Calcium as chelated Minerals, and Magnesium as Creatine Magnapower, Vitamin D3, Selenium andZinc, all which work together to prevent muscle cramps, dehydration, and heat fatigue, by optimizing hydration, by enhancing fluid intake and absorption. TURMERIC & Ginger act as anti-inflammatory agents. The synergy provides increased HYDRATION, ENERGY and EFFICIENCY during exercise activity.

FACT: The only product which contains 3 different kinds of Sodium salts, and chelated Organic Minerals of K, and Ca, and Creatine Magnapower for Magnesium.

USAGE: Each serving size of METASALT (2 capsules) provides Sodium (330 mg) from 780 mg of Sodium complex. Take at least 2 capsules of METASALT per hour of training or racing to prevent muscle cramps or heat fatigue due to excessive perspiration. If it is hot and humid and you sweat a lot, you may have to replace about 1 gram to 1.5 grams of sodium per hour (4 to 6 capsules) of METASALT. You may open the capsules and mix them in water with CARBO-PRO.

TIP: Remember, your fresh sweat should alwaystaste salty. If it tastes bland you have to take METASALT right away, or you will be in trouble. Use with CARBO-PRO for any endurance activity under the sun.

How to use VO2 Max Endurance (150 capsules)
VO2 MAX ENDURANCE Increase Power Output by 20% & Oxygen Availability by 17%

FACT: Muscles fatigue and tie up when repeated resistance is applied, and it gets harder to complete another rep or take a step. Ammonia, lactic acid and other metabolic wastes build up in the muscles with repeated movements. The more anaerobic, or longer the duration of the exercise, the faster and greater the build-up. Metabolic wastes have to be cleared or chemically reconverted before the activity can continue with efficacy. VO2 MAX ENDURANCE enables this process of preventing the build-up and clearing and cleansing the metabolic wastes.

USAGE: VO2 MAX ENDURANCE is great for loading PHOSPHATES and other key ingredients before a RACE. • Take 5 capsules at least 30 to 45 minutes before exercise activity. • For 5 days before a race, take 5 capsules, everyday in the morning after breakfast. This will help in increasing the rate of ATP production; Enhance Acid-Base balance during exercise; Increase cardiac muscle contractility-response to exercise; Stimulate glycolysis and energy metabolism; and also enhance psychological responses to activity.

RACE DAY: 30 to 45 minutes before the start of the Race take 5 capsules of VO2 MAX ENDURANCE. Then take 2 to 3 capsules for every 2 hours of the RACE. During ultra-marathons you may take 5 capsules every 4 to 5 hours of the Race.

TIP: VO2 MAX ENDURANCE works great for slow-twitch or fast-twitch activity. It supports fat metabolism and spares muscle glycogen usage during prolonged exercise resulting in 50% increase in endurance and resistance to fatigue. It’s perfect for endurance athletes. Increases time to exhaustion by 20%. During anaerobic trials, maximal power output increased by 17%. During aerobic/endurance trials, time for 40 km time trial (80 minutes) on the ergometer bicycle was reduced by 3.5 minutes.

How to use Recovery Amino Power (300 capsules)
RECOVERY Amino Power All EAAs (BCAA)s w/ AstraGin™

REPAIR, REBUILD, RECOVER. 100% Pure, Crystalline, Free- Form, Pharma Grade Amino Acid Complex with all Essential Amino Acids (EAAs), including BCAAs, and an advanced delivery system for the Essential Amino Acids consisting of OKG, & Glutamine alpha-Ketoglutarate, Arginine alpha-Ketoglutarate, Arginine-Ketoisocaproate. PLUS AstraGin™ to increase absorption of amino acids, carbs, and vitamins by 50%.

FACT: Provides 3X the quantity of EAAs and BCAAs in other products, plus the compounds which form the Advanced Delivery System. Before you buy any other product for REPAIR AND RECOVERY or stress relief, compare the ingredients and their amounts. Its the best, the most effective and most efficient product for QUICK RECOVERY & REGENERATION.

USAGE: FOR EACH TRAINING DAY take 3 capsules before training with 1 scoop of CARBO-PRO; 3 capsules immediately after training; and 3 capsules immediately before going to bed at night. You can do exactly the same to AMINO-LOAD during taper for at least 3 days leading to the race, by taking 3 capsules every morning, mid-day, and evening or immediately before going to bed at night.

TIP: Take 3 Capsules of RECOVERY for every 2 to 3 hours of the race for power and performance. "RECOVER AS YOU RACE" - David Goggins

How to use Interphase (2.6 lb./1.2 kg)
INTERPHASE REPAIR • REBUILD • RECOVER with a Premium Protein Powder + Pepform® Peptides

In French Vanilla or Swiss Chocolate Flavor. NEW AND IMPROVED VERSION can be used anytime. Mixes Easily... Absolutely Delicious!

FACT: Each 50 gram serving of RRR provides 34 grams of a powerful and potent combination of un-denatured proteins in their native form: 55% pure whey protein isolate for FAST-RELEASE; 21% Pure milk protein isolate for MEDIUM-RELEASE 21% pure micellar casein for SLOW-RELEASE and 3% Peptides of BCAA and Glutamine. (Providing a TOTAL of more than 4g of Leucine and 5g of Glutamine per serving). It does NOT contain any Artificial Sweeteners or substitutes.

USAGE: Use as a powerized "energy shake" before exercise, or as a "recovery" or "maintenance" shake immediately after exercise. Take immediately before going to bed at night to help increase the anabolic drive. Add one serving (2 scoops) into a glass and add 8 fl. oz of water, milk, or juice of choice. Stir well and enjoy.

TIP: For a thicker and more nutritious shake, add fruit (banana, orange, berry, etc.) in a blender, add milk, or yogurt, blend for 30 seconds, and then add and blend for another 30 seconds. Instantized Proteins mix readily in your favorite beverage.

4 days leading to an EVENT or RACE
PER HOUR during an EVENT or a RACE
CARBO-PRO 2 to 3 scoops (2 oz to 3 oz) in 16 oz of water;
200 to 300 calories
2 scoops in a glass of water;
once in the morning and once in the evening
2 to 3 scoops (2 oz to 3 oz) in 16 oz of water;
200 to 300 calories per hour
MOTIVATOR 2 caps before training N/A 2 caps for every 4 hours of the race or event
METASALT 2 caps for normal; 4 to 6 caps for hot/humid;
drink at least 16 oz of water
N/A 2 caps for normal; 4 to 6 caps for hot/humid;
drink at least 16 oz of water
VO2 Max Endurance 5 caps 30 minutes before start 4 caps after breakfast 4 caps before; and 3 caps every 2 to 3 hours
RECOVERY Amino Power 3 caps before; 3 caps after;
and 3 caps before bed at night
3 caps in the morning; 3 caps at noon;
and 3 caps before bed at night
4 caps before; and 3 caps every 2 to 3 hours
INTERPHASE 2 scoops a day: before training or after training or before bed at night for 15 days leading to event or race get at least 0.6 grams of protein per lb of body weight;
use at least 2 scoops of INTERPHASE per day
2 scoops before and after ; and 2 scoops once every 8 hours for an Ultra-event