About Us



Our product development, production and quality control work is performed under cGMP standards. Third-party audits include certifications from AIB with a Superior rating, CCOF organic, and KOA kosher. As a manufacturer of nutritional products for global markets,  we also hold EU and Canadian-approved manufacturing site licenses. 

the leader in sports performance nutrition

Robust, LLC manufactures the finest and the best nutrition supplements for Power Strength and Endurance Athletes. Based on the latest research and scientific findings, only the highest quality and most active pharmaceutical-grade ingredients are used in the manufacturing process. We make sure that the finished products are synergistic and efficacious and accelerate gastric clearance, absorption, and utilization. Specifically designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, the products are clinically profiled to deliver the desired effect, at a specific time for a particular activity. Each formula is designed to stand-alone and yet work in conjunction with the rest of the product line to achieve an optimal level of performance.

the "DIRECT" business model

Since its inception, the Company has followed the "DIRECT" business model. Initially, the products and performance support were available only to elite athletes. It didn't take long for the good word on our quality products and professional performance support service to spread among the ranks. In response to the growing demand, through a system of toll-free order and performance support hotline, we opened our doors to all athletes and fitness enthusiasts.  Now our products are available in Bike and Triathlon stores across the country. However, in order to keep with our commitment to provide the best in quality and price to the end-user, we have leveraged with the quality and the demand for our products,  to impose on retailers MSRPs carrying very slim margins in the pricing structure.